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Partnering to create a sustainable learning business model


The most important requirement for you to partner with us is your love for kids and learning and passion to do business with a long-term vision and commitment.

If you have this, then an initial investment of about 10 Lakhs (Orkid – A) and about 15 to 20 Lakhs (Orkid – B), along with a self owned/rented property of about 1000-1500 square feet is all you need to get started.

You have more than a few reasons to prefer partnering with OrkidPetals:

Cost Efficient Infrastructure Model:

We focus on investment on the children activities and learning. We efficiently use resources available to create maximum value for our time and money invested. Our design ensures keeping the learning space lively, nurturing and fun for the children.


Providing you with the latest curriculum and activities chart is a top priority for our Curriculum Design Team. Our system has been designed keeping in mind the various requirements to plan a week/month for the children.

Knowledge Transfer Model:

Training Programs developed for the teachers to ensure he/she is fully prepared before a child is exposed to a new concept. How to talk to a child, answer a simple question, answer a complex question, reaction to various child habits are important points for a well groomed teacher to understand.

Revenue Sharing Model :

Our revenue sharing model will surprise you!

If you are interested and share our vision, please get in touch with us and we will contact you shortly!

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