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Orkid Mother Toddler Program 

A new mom? As new moms, we are eager and anxious to do the best for our child.

OrkidPetals Mother Toddler Program brings in a 10 session module where you have a beautiful journey with your little one, helping him transition into the world outside home.

We bring to you well researched activities that help you understand the fun, but more importantly the right way to engage your child. This 2 hour session will include several age appropriate activities designed for the parent and child to explore together.

  • Spend exclusive time with your child for 2 hours over a 10 session module. 

  • Each module covers exploration, sensory, motor skills development, lots of fun with colors and music and many more activities. 

  • Program is for children from 1 year to 2.5 years accompanied by parent/grandparent.

Wish to know more? Contact us to get more details on the Program

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